As a part of “Research visits of the AMU EU EX/ACT team in foreign academic centers” Prof. Jarosław Jańczak visited in the period 15-23.11.2019 European Institute at the Sophia University in Tokyo, Japan. His visit contained both research (including interviews with Japanese officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EU-Japan Center for Industrial Cooperation representatives, as well as with academic experts in the EU-Japan relations and collection of other research materials) and promotion of the Center activities (public lecture on “External Relations of the European Union Putin’s Russia, Trump’s US and Xi’s China in EU’s Foreign Policy in the Changing World Order. Legal, Institutional and Political Aspects” delivered to 70 participants of the Sophia Open Research Weeks 2019 as well as a guest lecture on “EU External Relations in the Contested Global Order” offered to 50 students of the Sophia University).